Message from the Chairman

V.N.P Raj

Chairman, Chempaka Education, India & Founder and Managing Director

Let me start this message with a very simple question; whether anyone, perhaps a parent or a teacher or a friend could ever predict the future of a child? The answer in my thoughts is a “No”.

Many people who achieved greatness in their lifetime were sometimes unimpressive in their early days. However they could explore their mind fully and fearlessly in their life time. In that process they became great contributors and role models to humanity.

Dear readers, I believe, that is the truth behind good learning. Every child deserves to be liberated from within, while engaged in learning. Liberated to explore ones own mind to its fullness, children build confidence to express and explore themselves.

Children are liberated only when their schools are ready to free their mind from fears of going wrong or from the doubts of doing a mistake in front of others. Schools are not to enslave a child to loose his confidence in the learning process. When their fears are wiped off, children become stress free and mindful, thereby capable of independent thinking, self exploring, develop good values for themselves and they are happy for learning. They know how to respect themselves as well respect others when engaged.

When children are allowed to connect themselves to people who meet their passion, they create role models of such eminent people who they wish to become one day in their life.

With a role model in their heart, children shall look for a teacher to guide them to achieve their role model. Teachers are born first in the mind of a child and then they meet the real world teacher. This is the most important function of a school.

That is the chempaka way of learning and the Athena values of education.

We are a group of 6 schools in American curriculum, 4 Schools in British Curriculum and one school with 2 campuses in ICSE curriculum. We are present in Dubai , Sharjah in UAE and Trivandrum in India. We are a brand by ourselves, enriched with our own training centre, guided by an academic board comprising of educational experts from United Kingdom, United States of America and India. Our teachers undergo meaningful induction as well as pedagogical training regularly and are therefore enriched in caring and sharing and to become the best friend and guide of our children . Our children are known as chempakaits in Kerala, children with freedom to express, engaged in self exploration for creativity. They are well behaved and good mannered. Many chempakaits are great achievers, work in responsible positions locally and internationally. Needless to say our Principals are well leaders trained internationally.

We are pleased to inform you that we are now coming in your city.

I welcome every parent to our temple of knowledge.

I take this opportunity to congratulate our Director’s , Principals, staff and students for every effort that helped us to feel proud of what we are today.